IERC staff
IERC's Church Street FacilityMission Statement: Inland Empire Residential Centers, Inc. helps children and their families become healthy, happy and whole while teaching them to contribute positively to their communities.

Inland Empire Residential Centers Inc. was founded by Very Rev. Fr. Peter P. Staviski in May 1986 in California and incorporated therein. We operate one home for male children with a 16-bed capacity at Church Street House located in Redlands, California.

Providing Stability and Structure

Many of our children come from unstable, inconsistent, and insecure backgrounds and environments. Each child within a short period of time can rely on and feel secure in the stability and structure we provide. The daily routine is planned, organized and detailed in such a way that all activities are easily understood and occur at specific times each day. It is essential to set patterns where none have previously existed, or to change ones that have been unproductive, negative or destructive. Including the families in these positive changes is an essential part of reunification.

Helping Children in Need

IERC serves children ages 6 – 17. We serve children with psychiatric, psychological, educational and emotional problems and other disorders. Most of the children suffer from severe depression, mild-to-severe psychiatric diagnosis, identity confusion, poor self-esteem, anxiety disorders, rejection by parent and/or extended family members, and learning disabilities.

Encouraging and Teaching

Our philosophy is to encourage and teach personal responsibility by having the child view the effect his behavior has on the environment and on those around him. The child is taught that he has freedom to make choices and to accept the responsibility and the consequences of those choices. The child’s family is involved in this process whenever possible.

Nurturing and Teaching to Trust

Our initial goal is to stabilize a child coming from a placing agency or dysfunctional setting. The program provides a nurturing, safe environment where the child can feel comfortable, and provide an atmosphere where trust can be developed with consistency, commitment and follow-through. These children and families are helped to overcome their issues and reunify or graduate them to a more home like environment as quickly as possible.

IERC employs dedicated, committed and supportive staff for our program and the children in our care.